My daughter in kindergarten

Apr 11, 2006

Dr.Strangelove: Japanese parents of kindergarten children

Yesterday, my family and I went to attend an entrance ceremony of a certain kindergarten of my four years old daughter as second grade class.

I've heard that all parents record their children by handy video camera, but I was so surprised and shocked when I saw them myself yesterday.

Of course I carried video cam with me and planed to record some shots of my daughter. But almost all other parents seem to record all protocols of the entrance ceremony.

an entrance ceremony
an entrance ceremony
Many video cameras are firmly shooting children so long time. It seems so strange for me.

an entrance ceremony
One father tried to record their child through door glass because he cannot stand good position.

an entrance ceremony

This morning, my daughter get ride on school bus a few minutes before. I hope she and other children spend happy time there.

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