Jun 11, 2012

Google News search "radioactive"

Some readers of my blog ask me "how do you find news about radioactive so fast?”.

The answer is:
I'm usually checking up Google News search "radioactive". Please refer below link to find latest news about "radioactive":

radioactive - Google Search (google.com)
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radioactive - Google 検索 (google.co.jp)
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Search results seem different between google.com and google.co.jp.

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Jun 06, 2012

Chinese Customs Intercepts Radioactive Waste From Japan(RTTNews)(日本からの輸入廃棄物、中国浙江省寧波市税関でセシウム検出)

According to RTTNews, Chinese customs found radioactive waste from Japan. It was found in the city of Ningbo, east coast of China, which locates about 1243 miles (2000 km) far away from Fukushima, as shown in above map. We have to pay attention to all imported materials from Japan.

Chinese Customs Intercepts Radioactive Waste From Japan
6/6/2012 4:08 AM ET
(RTTNews) - Customs officials in China have intercepted 1,127 tons of imported waste metals from Japan with excessive gamma rays in the coastal city of Ningbo in the country's east.
Radiation levels of the waste metals, imported by a recycled metal company in Ningbo, was twice the national standard and hazardous to humans and the environment, Chinese state media reported on Tuesday quoting Customs officials.
The metals contained caesium-137, a radioactive isotope of caesium. Small amounts of caesium-137 were released into the environment during nuclear weapon tests and nuclear accidents, most notably the Chernobyl disaster.
Customs authorities have ordered the cargo to be returned after referring the case to the anti-smuggling department for further investigations.
Ningbo Customs has intercepted 8,544 tons of imported scrap metals with excessive radiation from Japan since the tsunami-triggered Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 2011, said Customs officer Wang Lingbao.
by RTT Staff Writer
For comments and feedback: editorial@rttnews.com

Chinese Customs Intercepts Radioactive Waste From Japan(RTTNews)(cash)
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1 km = 0.621371192 miles
2000 km = 1243 miles
Precise distance:
1986962.9 m = 1235 miles
Distance is measured with below web tool:
地図で距離測定 Google Maps - Seis Pesos

Update 15:15, 10th June, 2012:
Add two related news as shown below:

通関時、基準を大きく超える放射性物質を検出=千葉から運ばれた廃金属から―浙江省寧波市 (Record China) - Yahoo!ニュース

Record China 6月6日(水)13時49分配信
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Scrap metals from Japan found radioactiveSocietychinadaily.com.cn (cache)
Scrap metals from Japan found radioactive
Updated: 2012-06-06 21:08By Shi Yingying (chinadaily.com.cn)
Radiation levels found in 1,127 tons of scrap metals imported from Japan exceeded China's regulated safe levels three times over, authorities with Zhejiang Ningbo's customs said on Wednesday.
The metals came from Japan's Chiba Port , a port near a nuclear plant that was crippled after Japan's earthquake. The radiation level was Cesium -137, and local customs officials said the cargo was prohibited to enter China, according to the country's law.
Dai Weigu, deputy chief of Ningbo Zhenhai Customs' department of logistics monitoring, said the cargo was added to their "list of special attention" when they received its entry declaration. "We figured it came from Chiba Port, the area with high radiation risk," said Dai.
He said the radiation detector's alarm went off during the discharging process at Zhenhai's port on June 4.
This is the second time Zhejiang Ningbo's customs has tracked high radiation levels this year.
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May 24, 2012

Max Planck Institute: Western Europe has the world's highest risk of radioactive contamination by heavy reactor accidents

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry concluded that the nuclear meltdown is more likely than expected. They also said that Western Europe has the world's highest risk of radioactive contamination by heavy reactor accidents. They show the map of "Risk of heavy contamination (%yr)" as shown upper.

We should watch this risk map carefully to consider evacuation.

Forschung / Aktuelles / Der nukleare GAU ist wahrscheinlicher als gedacht

Related article:
Neue Berechnungen Atomarer Super-GAU droht alle zehn bis 20 Jahre - Nachrichten Wissenschaft - Natur & Umwelt - WELT ONLINE

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Mar 24, 2012

Warning: Texas officials approve radioactive waste dump(米国テキサス州が放射性廃棄物投棄を承認)

I recommend you to research carefully if you planned to go near Texas.

Texas officials approve radioactive waste dump
JIM VERTUNO, Associated Press
Updated 01:08 p.m., Friday, March 23, 2012

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Radioactive waste from dozens of states could soon be buried in a Texas dump near the New Mexico border after Texas officials gave final approval Friday to rules allowing the shipments.

Texas lawmakers in 2011 approved the rural Andrews County site to take the waste and the Friday's unanimous vote by the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Compact Commission cleared a major hurdle to allow the waste burial.

Texas already had a compact legal with Vermont to take its waste. Environmentalists have argued against expanding the program to 36 more states, warning it could result in radioactive material rumbling through the state on trucks with few safeguards in case of an accident. They also say a problem at the waste dump could lead to potential underground water contamination.

Dallas-based Waste Control Specialists, which owns and operates the site, insists it will be safe. The waste would be entombed in concrete about 100 feet underground in an area with densely packed clay. The site still needs final approval from state environmental regulators, and company president Rod Baltzer said it could happen as early as next week.

Link: Texas officials approve radioactive waste dump - Houston Chronicle

Update 06:40, 24th Mar, 2012:
Replace Link.
Old Link: Texas Officials Approve Radioactive Waste Dump KERA News

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Mar 15, 2012

Warning: Australia is talking to accept radioactive contaminated debris from Fukushima.(オーストラリアの元大臣がフクシマの汚染がれき受け入れを検討し始めた!)

"The Australian" reported that Australia is talking to accept radioactive contaminated debris from Fukushima. I recommend you to pay attention with this news if you are planning to go Australia.

Australia 'ideal' for Fukushima soil
by: Rick Wallace
From: The Australian
March 15, 2012 12:00AM

A HOWARD government minister has entered the nuclear-waste debate by arguing that Australia should accept radioactive debris from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Former sports minister Andrew Thomson said the move would help break a deadlock in Japan that is jeopardising recovery efforts from last year's March 11 tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

His comments come after the Senate's approval of the Muckaty Station site in Northern Territory as a nuclear waste dump -- and new Foreign Minister Bob Carr's remarks backing atomic energy in Australia -- reignited debate on the issue.

Because of a last-minute Greens amendment, the Muckaty site cannot accept waste from abroad, but Mr Thomson said the vast deserts of Western Australia and South Australia were perfect spots for the Fukushima waste.

In Japan, no prefecture has agreed to house the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste from the world's second-worst nuclear tragedy and it is piling up in temporary storage sites obstructing reconstruction efforts.

...Most of the waste consists of contaminated soil and debris removed during clean-up efforts from areas just outside the 20km exclusion zone around the plant and is only mildly radioactive.

Mr Thomson, who now works for law firm Minter Ellison in Tokyo, said Australia could offer "ideal places to dispose of this debris and store it safely".

"This stuff is only mildly radioactive, it's not going to harm anyone, but the last place you want to store it is Japan -- it's just too crowded," he said.

"Western Australia has benefited greatly from Japanese demand for iron ore and base metals and South Australia is launching a major uranium export industry. It's only fair and reasonable if we propose to sell more uranium to Japan in future that we should offer such help now when Japan really needs it."

Mr Thomson told The Australian his proposal related only to the debris, not the spent fuel or other nuclear waste from Fukushima or any other plant.

The former minister said that, in return for storing the Fukushima waste, Australia should receive more funding from Japan to ensure the construction of the troubled Oakajee port and rail project in WA, thereby unlocking the mid-west iron region.

The former minister and chairman of junior miner Athena Resources acknowledged he had a vested interest as Athena may one day use the port, which has hit problems with cost overruns but may be rescued by Mitsubishi.

LINK: Australia 'ideal' for Fukushima soil The Australian

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