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Jul 26, 2007




 Renovator uncovers mummified infant







2007年 07月 26日 13:25 JST

 [トロント 25日 ロイター] カナダの住宅リフォーム業者が、トロントにある古い住宅の壁の中からミイラ化した赤ん坊の遺体を発見した。

Renovator uncovers mummified infant
Baby found wrapped in bundle of newspaper dated 1925 in wall of Riverdale home
Jul 25, 2007 04:11 PM
Henry Stancu
Staff Reporter

Renovator Bob Kinghorn got the shock of his life when he found a mummified infant wrapped in newspaper dated Sept. 12, 1925, in a house he was working on last night.

"You always hope to find something in walls – coins, antiques – but never a baby," he said as he stood in front of the home on Kintyre Ave., near Broadview Ave. and Queen St. E., late last night.

Kinghorn, 37, who lives two doors away from the three-storey, semi-detached Riverdale area home, was about to drill a hole through a ceiling joist for wiring when he noticed a bundle of newspaper he first thought was insulation in a second floor bedroom of the empty home about 8 p.m.

He said he and a co-worker had noticed a strange smell in the room, but didn't realize what it was until he pulled the package out from the wall.

"When I opened it up, it exposed the child," he said.

The infant, which he estimated at about four months of age, was in a fetal position wrapped in a bundle of old newsprint and he could see tiny toes sticking out.

"It looked the size of my four-month-old," he said, while running his fingers through his hair, still in disbelief at what he had found.

After getting a search warrant, a police forensic team and body removal crew entered the home at about 11:30 p.m.

Kinghorn said when he opened the package, he realized what it was and the date leapt off the page at him.

He said it was a Toronto newspaper, but he didn't know which publication.

"It's so sad. But it's a good thing the baby can be put to rest," Kinghorn said.

"Wow, 1925. Maybe she had a baby she had murdered. Who knows what the story behind this is?" he mused.

Kinghorn said paramedics who came to the scene said it looked like the infant had a crushed hip.

The mummified infant's remains will be examined at the Centre for Forensic Science and the case will be investigated by the homicide squad.

House's owner admitted to mental hospital

A land title search has revealed the Kintyre Ave. property was purchased in 1919, the Canadian Press reported today. Provincial documents indicate the male homeowner died in February, 1939, while it appears the female owner lived at the house until 1941, when she was admitted as a patient to Toronto’s Ontario Hospital.

An affidavit reveals authorities took ownership of the home under the provincial Mental Hospitals Act after the female owner was admitted to the hospital.

It’s unknown if the baby belonged to the couple who lived in the home at the time.

Renovator Bob Kinghorn of Dusty Buster Renovations outside the house on Kintyre Ave. where he found a mummified baby in the attic on July 24, 2007.



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